1 Principal                                                     Chairman

2 Sri Uday Kumar                          Co-ordinator

3 A. Anil Kumar                                     Member

4 Trivikram Rao                                     Member

5                              Member

6                                        Member

7                                           Member

8                            Member

9                                         Member

10                              Member

11                                           Member

12                             Member


  1. The committee will look into the job role of teacher mentors (counselors) to perform the assigned job role with all dedication and commitment.
  2. Prepare a list of activities to be taken up by each teacher(Mentor) and obtain the total information about the members.
  3. Consolidate all the data collected from each member and prepare a data base in the designated proforma information to be uploaded in the website.
  4. Furnish necessary data to various administrative wings whenever needed.
  5. Conduct periodical meetings for closely monitoring the Mentor-Mentee relationship.