The department of chemistry has been established since inception of the college. The department is unique of its kind the distinct width a plinth area of 160 square yards which is consisting of spacious staff room along with well equipped two laboratories.

Evaluation:The department of chemistry is assessing the Students by conducting with regular intervals of slip tests, Mid Exams and pre-final exams.

Co Curricular activities:The department of chemistry is enriched the Students by Assignments, group discussions, Seminars, study projects and Quizzes etc.

Remedial classes: After making the students analysis and performances in their previous assessments, the department of chemistry conducts the Remedial classes to Students whoevercontainedbacklogs. And they are passed with good grade in main exams with help of Remedial classes.

Bridge course: A bridge course conducted for 7 days to the students who are not having fundamentals in chemistry.

Teaching methods: As we believe that education in a true sense is emergence of soul from the mirage of outer world to the universal truths and attained through dedication, meditation and inspiration are try to inculcate the quality of observation, experimentation and interpretation of natural laws which is nothing but Chemistry.

 The aim of the department is to provide quality education to the students, so that they can contribute in the development of the nation. The department of chemistry aims on theoretical knowledge but also provide the student, exposure to the development society, so that they can build their future in better way. 


1.Hands on experience with various instruments.

  1. Industry institute partnership.
  2. Imparting quality technical education.
  3. Consultancy services to industries around the region